COVID-19 Update

Hello all,

I hope you and your families are well. Our office continues to operate via telehealth only at this time.

When are we planning to return to the office?

We don’t know yet. In Phase 1 re-opening, guidance from the CDC and local officials recommends continuing to stay home as much as possible, unless specific criteria are able to be maintained by businesses pertaining to social distancing, contact tracing, personal protective equipment, and cleaning/disinfecting procedures.

Our physical office is not suitable to ensure safety of staff and clients according to Phase 1 guidelines. Being in an enclosed space for an hour at a time without proper ventilation is not recommended, even if 6 feet of distance can be attained. Masks would have to be worn, and clear physical barriers are also recommended – both of which “feel” counter-therapeutic.

When the recommendations in future phases allow for less intensive protective measures, it will be more possible to return to face-to-face sessions. In the meantime, it is the general consensus in the psychotherapy community that telehealth is best practice at this time. Thank you for your patience!

Peace and good health to all!



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