Mental Health Resources


National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 9-8-8

Statewide Crisis Hotline: 2-1-1 or 1-800-203-1234

Crisis Text Line: Text 741741 to chat with a crisis counselor over SMS texting

Online Crisis Chat: Crisis Text Line Online Chat

Waterbury/Torrington Area Mobile Crisis Hotline: 1-866-794-0021

Coping Skills

Blog Article: 101 Grounding Techniques

Video Playlist: Anxiety Skills by Therapy in a Nutshell

Complex Trauma and Dissociation

An Infinite Mind: a beautiful and comprehensive list of resources (websites, books, workbooks, media, podcasts, organizations, and more) about complex trauma and dissociation with categories, pictures, and purchase links.

“What is c-PTSD?”  By Beauty After Bruises, an organization supporting survivors of complex trauma; website also has a blog with excellent information and coping skills

“Trauma-Related Dissociation” a PDF fact sheet created by ISSTD (International Society for the Study of Trauma & Dissociation)

“Frequently Asked Questions about Trauma and Dissociation” by ISSTD, including helpful resources for understanding PTSD, acute stress disorder, complex trauma, and dissociative disorders and experiences (amnesia / memory problems, depersonalization, derealization, conversion disorder, dissociative identity disorder, partial dissociative identity disorder, and other related conditions)

System Speak: Podcast, Books, and Online Community about living with Dissociative Identities.

 Information About Mental Health Issues

NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness)  Find information and statistics about common mental health issues, local support groups and educational programs, ways to get involved in making an impact on local and national policy change, and other great resources.

“Substance Abuse and Suicide: A Guide to Understanding the Connection and Reducing Risk” Find information about prevention, risk factors, treatment, and resources.


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