Undivided Soul?

You may be curious about the name “Undivided Soul.”

Some ancient schools of thought believed that the body, mind, and spirit were separate entities within the self- for instance, “emotion versus reason” in terms of human virtues.

Even in everyday human experiences, there is evidence of being “divided” within:

  • Struggling with decision making (one part of me versus another part of me)
  • Spiritual conflicts between good and evil
  • Even our attention to the present moment is often divided in an age of multitasking and digital hyperspeed

Mental health struggles can leave us feeling especially disconnected from our true self:

  • The word “schizophrenia” comes from two Greek words meaning “split mind”…
  • Dissociative conditions are sometimes referred to as “split personality”…
  • Mood swings in bipolar disorders can feel like having “two sides” of the self…
  • Anxiety and depression can make you feel “spaced out” and empty…

A more accurate description of the human psyche suggests that all of the “parts” of ourselves- body, thoughts, feelings, spirit- are in fact inseparable, integrated seamlessly into our core being.

But why do we feel so divided?

There are countless possible answers to this question from the standpoint of science, medicine, philosophy, psychology, religion, or personal history.

Because I believe that nothing is quite black or white… the answer for your own struggles may be different from your neighbor’s.

My job as a therapist is to help you sort through your “symptoms,” believe in you when you don’t believe in yourself, and help you realize what has been true all along:

You ARE an undivided soul, unbroken, and worthy of a beautiful life waiting to be discovered.

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