Faith-Based Counseling

I can provide counseling from a Christian perspective if you wish to incorporate your spiritual beliefs into your therapy.

Both phases of my post-secondary education were completed at institutions which firmly integrated evangelical Christian faith with rigorous academic training (see more about Houghton College and Regent University). I completed an undergraduate minor in Bible and have years of both independent and church-based experience in biblical studies, giving me a well-rounded theology to bring to the counseling experience.

That means I won’t give you pat answers or cliche religious platitudes. I believe in engaging the dialogue even when it’s tough, and I’m willing to sit with the uncomfortable questions that we often need to bring to God in order to really make our faith authentic.

I can help you apply biblical principles to the struggles in your life, while also offering insights gleaned from psychological research and knowledge about mental health.

I understand the concerns that many believers have about modern psychology and I am happy to explain the many parallels between what researchers have discovered and what God’s Word has told us all along.

Call me at 203-697-8983 or use my contact page if you would like to set up an appointment!